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//Primetals Technologies and Kappa Collaborate in Dedusting Plants for the Iron and Steel Industry

The heart of the system, which will be jointly offered in future, is the Zeron® large fabric filter system developed and internationally patented by Kappa.

For the first time, the intelligent design of solid concrete panels makes it possible to integrate all functional areas compactly into a filter building - from pre-separation to the stack. This results in an optimal air flow without swirling and turbulence, with low overall resistance. The energy requirement is significantly reduced in comparison with conventional systems. Dust emissions are almost completely eliminated and noise pollution is drastically reduced.

The construction method increases local value creation, reduces logistics costs and shortens assembly times. The modular design facilitates future expansion.

"Modern, clean and secure workplaces are increasingly becoming a matter of location", says Kappa CEO Klaus Krüger. "With the Zeron® we're blazing a new trail. The system is no longer recognisable as a filter system, but looks like an independent, high-quality and value-retaining industrial building. Our Zeron® gives the industry a completely new face - clean, attractive and safe. On the one hand, this increases the attractiveness of jobs in the industry and also contributes to increasing the acceptance of large industrial enterprises near conurbations. "

"With this cooperation, we are extending our range of dust collection solutions for the iron and steel industry with a system with significantly higher environmental friendliness, with simultaneous lower energy consumption and greater flexibility with regard to future requirements", says Dr. Alexander Fleischanderl, Technology Officer and Head of ECO Solutions at Primetals Technologies. "The combination of innovative Zeron® technology and Primetals Technologies' plant engineering, project and development know-how offers our customers a complete package that combines environmental protection and cost-effectiveness."

The Kappa Zeron® is already successfully used in the industry. With the plants implemented so far, volumes of 150,000 to 1.3 million cubic meters per hour are cleaned. The modular design enables the space-saving and economical realisation of volume flows of several million cubic metres per hour.

Steyr-Gleink, March 2018