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//Kappa Implements Large-scale Dedusting Plant at Stahlwerk Bous


The current dedusting plant is from the 1980s. It supplies the Bous electric arc furnace, which produces up to 70 tons of steel per melting process. The suction performance of 560,000 cubic metres per hour was no longer sufficient. A performance improvement was not achievable with it.

The premises were clear for the new system: the air capacity must be increased to the volumes required long-term. 

Kappa Zeron®

Kappa's large-scale dedusting plant takes a completely new approach. It is a separate, high-quality filter building in which all essential filter functions from the inlet to the outlet are integrated compactly and efficiently: pre-separation chambers, raw gas plenum, filter chamber, clean gas chamber, clean gas plenum, clean gas duct, dust discharge chamber, control room, penthouse, etc.

The integration of all necessary functions and the duct work allows an optimal air flow without turbulence and leads to an even distribution of the air flow rate to all filter chambers. This leads to better functioning and to significantly reduced plant resistance and energy consumption:


  • The Kappa Zeron® cleans 1.1 million cubic metres of air per hour. If you put together cubes with a lateral length of one metre, the chain reaches from Steyr to Paris in the west, or to Gdansk in the north-east.
  • Each day, the plant separates 24,000 kilograms of dust. This corresponds to the daily fine dust emissions of:
  • 53 cruise ships
  • 5.3 billion car kilometres as per exhaust gas standard Euro 6
  • 133,000 cars, which circumnavigate the equator daily



The Kappa Zeron® has a significantly lower plant resistance than conventional systems. This reduces electricity consumption during operation by more than 2 million kilowatt hours per year. It corresponds to the annual energy consumption of 450 Austrian households and annual CO2 savings of around 58,360 car journeys from Steyr to Vienna. 

Steyr-Gleink, March 2018