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In many industrial processes (plastic laser cutting, extruders, core making etc.) dusty, liquid and gaseous emissions are released. The Kappa Adcoat™ allows for an economical, efficient and simultaneous filtration of these mixtures of materials.

The Kappa Adcoat™ system is an extension of the Kappa dedusting systems, which work according to the surface filtration principle. The Kappa Adcoat™ system is upstream of the Kappa dedusting system and feeds a defined quantity of reactant (additive) into the suction system. The reactant already reacts in the piping before the filter system with the exhaust gas flow (entrained flow adsorption) and subsequently builds a reaction bed on the surface of the filter material (fixed bed adsorption).

The Kappa Adcoat™ system is characterised by the following properties:

  • Filtration of gaseous emissions and odours: gaseous emissions and odours that are absorbed can be economically and efficiently separated with the Kappa Adcoat.
  • Filtration of adhesive emissions: adhesive, wet or dust emissions that are difficult to clean off are mixed with free-flowing reactants and can then be cleaned off without any problems.