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Employees, machines, buildings as well as the environment are affected almost in all industrial sectors by more or less hazardous and disturbing emissions. The future challenges in industrial production are clear: Industrial processes have to become safer, more efficient and cleaner whilst energy resources have to be utilised more efficiently.

We support youin overcoming these challenges with our innovative and holistic systems, plants and complementary services. Being the leading producer of clean air plants and systems, we offer you turn-key systems with an individual touch as well as high-quality systems with a high degree of innovation and a clearly visible competitive advantage. As we focus on your value added, we intensively search for the best suitable and most efficient technological solution, which is also the most economical one in the long run.
We do not deliver sole components but an entire solution for highest performance. Our holistic support – from the first problem analysis, over an intensive consultation and support to the after sales service – gives you security.

We accompany our customers from the first minute with comprehensive services, innovative and energy efficient systems as well as turn-key clean air plants throughout their entire value chain in the following sectors:

  • Aircraft industry
  • Automotive industry and tier suppliers
  • Cement industry
  • Ceramics industry
  • Chemicals industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Energy industry
  • Fire brigades and emergency centres
  • Foods industry
  • Glass industry
  • Iron and steel casting industry
  • Iron and steel plants
  • Light and non-ferrous metals casting industry
  • Light and non-ferrous metal plants
  • Mechanical engineering industry
  • Metals and metal processing industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Printing and paper industry
  • Shipbuilding industry and shipyards
  • Steel, apparatus and boiler manufacturing sector and SSCs
  • Non-metallic minerals industry
  • etc.