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Based on our comprehensive know-how regarding plant and process technology and our internal measurement technology, we have the expertise to maintain, check and optimise your air filtration systems. Therewith, we prolong the economic life time, maximise the performance and minimise the operational costs of your clean air plants.

>> System optimisation:
We optimise your air filtration systems and provide you with an overview over all possible improvements concerning air cleaning and energy efficiency. This reduces your operating costs, helps you with compliance of any legal requirements and prolongs your system's lifetime.

>> Service & checks:
In order to ensure a high industrial safety and a continuous high performance of your clean air plant over years, a regular check is definitely essential. We offer you a comprehensive service and total check package – quick, uncomplicated and at a fixed price. Based on the several thousand clean air plants that are controlled and maintained byus, we know about the high demands on air filter systems irrespective if it is a Kappa plant or a different make.
The scope of services of the maintenance and control done by Kappa ranges from the inspection, including the investigation of the performance data and functionality check, to the measurements of emissions and maximal workplace concentration as well as rest emissions. The customer receives a Kappa service book as well as an inspection plan and therewith obtains a guarantee for optimal industrial safety as well as compliance with the legal documentation requirement.

>> Repair & maintenance:
In case of any disorder and defect of your clean air plant, we provide immediate and straight-forward support for you. We analyse the underlying reasons for the disorder or defect and take this as a basis for comprehensive suggestions from our side. The ability to perform profound defect analysis and to work out technical solutions characterises us. Our proposals support you in fullfillingl the requirements for permanent availability and continuous high performance of your air filter plant.