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We develop, manufacture and install systems and turn-key plants for the industrial air cleaning and enrich this with complementary services.

The scope of supply and services provided by Kappa embraces the entire life cycle of modern and future-oriented industrial manufacturing processes and offers several options for optimisation such as cost reduction for new buildings, reconstruction and extension of existing plants and manufacturing logistics.

Kappa revolutionises the entire air technology industry with its innovative and unique concepts as it has realized the essential future challenges of the industrial manufacturing to reach zero emission and energy optimisation. Therefore, Kappa is the first company offering holistic solutions.

Herewith Kappa takes into account the whole production infrastructure of its customers and optimises the interface between the whole production process, the building processes and the production halls through in-hall air cleaning and exhaust air technology. The results are holistic solutions with distinct advantages in the whole house and production infrastructure:

  • Minimisation of the permanent operating costs
  • Integration and utilisation of several energy potentials into the entire plant concept
  • Minimisation of investment costs due to the holistic approach
  • Lowest possible residualemissions to ensure the compliance with legal and official regulations over years